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Comstar Irregulars Leadership Information

by joe psycho Thu May 28, 2015 6:15 pm

Comstar Irregulars Leadership Information

1. High Council
2. Generals
3. Captains
4. PEW
5. Founders
6. Chapter Leaders
7. Event Coordinators
8. Diplomats
9. Forum Administration and Moderators

High Council [ϕ]

Themselves Generals, the High Council oversees the direction of the Mercenary Corp, it's affiliations, contracts and commitment to the community. Although most Clan issues will be available to all Generals and Captains for comment, issues needing prompt reaction will pass by the High Council without further actions. The High Council will make it a priority to always ask for the opinion of it's Generals and Captains before taking decisions, but we hope you trust our judgement, has we aim to bring CI into a bright future.

[ϕ]: joe psycho / Dracol / Noonan / RedAnxiety


General [‡]:

Those who, first and foremost, have consistently exemplified and perpetuated the Comstar Irregular philosophy to not only our fellow members, but the fellow members of the community as well. This is a symbol and achievement of an individual's effort and time spent to better the unit and the community. We aim to create options for our Captains, in the same manner that we give our members options. The [‡] symbol represents that the individual has either focused time in unit development, unit morale, community involvement, or unit representation. Each General has a special place and a special function defined by themselves as leaders. While this group may make decisions that affect and influence the unit as a whole (such as oversight for casual or competitive play), the decision-making process involves the opinions and discussions of various members within the Comstar Irregulars.

[‡]: DarkBlood / Parashoot

Honorary Status : GNAARGH


Captain [†]:

Just like Generals, Captains have consistently exemplified and perpetuated the Comstar Irregular philosophy through means of unit development, helping unit morale, community involvement, and unit representation. The flexibility of the position allow the Captain to have options, just like Generals and members. This group is involved with the unit decision-making process and oversight of casual and competitive play, but is less likely to make official posts or officially hand down decisions made by the overall unit.

[†]: Chekotai Allard / Daemondym / Darkblood / Desicator / Dino Might / ragedog4 / RugbyPig


Lieutenant [-]:

[-]: Fluffy Muffin / Violent Blue

Honorary Status : HevyPhyzx / MasterC // ZombieSteveJobs


Our spiritual Leader and lucky charm, PewPewZapZap



PewPewZapZap / Desicator/ oblivionisinevitable / Mao of DC / Tazz / Mechsniper


Chapter Leaders:

The premier training grounds for Comstar Irregulars members. These individuals have been chosen for their understanding of the MechWarrior: Online game-play philosophy, and knowledge of active combat. Their task is to share their knowledge and understanding with anyone who is willing to learn. For more information regarding each specific chapter, refer to the chapter message boards here: viewforum.php?f=4

Skulls - Inactive / Vanguards - Fluffy Muffin, Dino Might / House of Ohm - Inactive / Sons of Orion - Inactive / Hounds of Hell - Inactive



Those who are representatives of the Comstar Irregulars on other TeamSpeak servers (Unit Server or Community), websites (Unit Website or Community Website), or any other mediums

Joe Psycho / Noonan


Forum Administrators and Moderators:

Joe Psycho (Adm) / RedAnxiety (Adm)

Noonan (Mod) / Dark Blood (Mod) / Dracol (Mod) / Parashoot (Mod)

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