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by joe psycho Mon May 16, 2016 4:14 am

The Comstar Irregulars is a tight-knit gaming community founded upon the idea of spanning the

gap between lax disorganized communities and draconian ultra competitive units. Our mission is

to be laser focused on developing the competitive scene in the backdrop of a relaxed enjoyable

environment for our players. We achieve this by developing an atmosphere that focuses on team

work first, the victory of the group over individual glory.

Our members are chosen for their attitude, respect for others, and ability to successfully

coordinate as part of a team.The Comstar Irregulars operate on the philosophy that the sum is

greater than the whole. Each member is interdependent upon each of their teammates, and each

member enters a game knowing that they can rely on their teammates. We deploy strategies and

tactics that leverage our community bonds to devastating effects. The attention to community and

development of an atmosphere of camaraderie allows the unit to benefit from an active and

engaged player base. Nearly every hour of the day, any day of the week our channels are buzzing

with activity. We are extremely proud to say that we represent the fun, enjoyable community for

the casual and competitive players.

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