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Razordance Application

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:19 pm
by Razordance
Do you agree to abide by the CI Code of Conduct and Manifesto?

Yes. I'm not a big fan of trash talking and abuse to begin with. I'd much rather be part of a unit that has no time for that sort of thing.

Who is your sponsor?


What is your in-game callsign?

Razordance, or just Razor

Are you 18+ years of age?

LOL. I haven't been 18 in a very long time...

What timezone are you in?


What are your gaming interests?

I'm all over the map, really. Shooters, RPGs, Puzzle Games, 35000+ Retro Games on my Android box...

What past clans/guilds/units have been with?

This is my first time.

Do you like tacos?

I'm still not convinced that this is a real question. Everybody likes tacos, don't they? Got any decent hot sauce?

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Chris, Canadian, 42 years old. I like long walks on the... Oh, wait, wrong application... I like video games, music, movies. I play guitar. I'm not Clapton, but I'm working on it. He's overrated anyway. Hey, if I keep saying tacos will it help my case? Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Dammit, now I'm hungry... See what you made me do?