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by ragedog4 Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:26 am


Ok so first I will post the link to photos:

Next Up is all the Links for all that happened at MechCon


TOURNEY WINNERS: ... hip-finals
NEW MECH: ... -blueprint
ROAD MAP: ... map-beyond
MECHWARRIOR 5: (And yes its REAL game play, double confirmed) ... h-con-2016
RUSS/PAUL TWEETS: ... 4918659072 ... 1583773696 ... 7439163392 ... 5340923904 ... 5190345728 ... 2027208704 ... 7736242176

OTHER RELATED LINKS: ... battletech

Now I will inform you on things not announced/What I found out:

-Tourney winners were EMPYREAL so that was not a surprise. Happy Proton won at least. 228 Wild Ones were the real heroes, AMAZING sportsman ship and gave a great show. Also some of the best 228s guys of all time for sure. Losers got about $1000 each, 2nd place got like $2500 each and the winners got almost $10,000 each. Good moneys I say.

-New Mech is NOT lore and is a Brand New Creation done by the Artist Alex I. Its a industrial Mech built to fight (as IS used to do when out of options). Should act like a 65 ton mech between a Catapult and a Jager. Looks to have tight hit boxes making XLs usable but we will see... The $20 might be worth it but not the extras. Mainly because you get 3 brand new premium colors and two kick ass decals, plus two of the mechs in the cheap pack will be able to give you a set up a 3 UAC/5 build, another a good SRM or LRM build with a AC.

-Faction Play will be reworked 4.1 and will be a % built to fight for planets. Clan vs IS ...ONLY! Except for events each week that allows a little IS vs IS or Clan vs Clan challenges. Other than that you are now all Allies to create more games. The % will depend on how many games you win on the planet which will INCLUDE BOTH FACTION AND QUICK PLAY MAPS so get ready for a different experience all together since we will STILL HAVE RE-SPAWNS!!! This all comes out THIS NEXT PATCH! So get your guns and friends ready!

-Escort is a new mode which brings in true AI to the game and a royal pain in the ass to protect (damn royal asshole in that mech better be paying us Mercs real good for this shit). Assault maps now have DESTRUCTIBLE WALLS, GUNS, ECM+RADAR TOWERS, and other things to make it intense (might be reworked to only one have the base if too many don't attack). Escort comes out this next patch, Assault no later than March. not here yet. However they have started. That's the good news. The great news is they have one of the maps on Private match open to you in the next patch this Month! YOU RIDE UP A FUCKING ELEVATOR TO BIG DOORS TO LET YOU INTO A STEINER BATTLE AREA WITH BANNERS AND A FUCKING BLIMP, FUCK YES! ...oh and sorry V. Blue...I was a total dick killing you. I freely give you one legging of your choice at anytime with no retaliation.

-GOOD BYE QUIRKS AND MODULES* (except for consumable ones) we are getting a WHOLE new TREE of skills. EACH MECH HAS THEIR OWN TREE and YOU GET TO PICK WHAT YOU WANT! Be careful because its limited how many you can unlock. Once you reach the max, thats it. However you can wipe them clean for C-Bills and regain its EXP or pay MC to just move them around how you see fit. Now having two of the same Mech can now be used two different ways and BE DAMN I can use my shitty mechs I CANT SELL! *(Some will have set quirks you dont have to use Exp for, aka the shitty shitty ones like the Vindicator, I dont care what you say you know its terrible, get over it). This will come out in the next 2-3 months!

-BIGGEST ONE!!! MECHWARRIOR 5 MERCS!!!! Yep...and it has UNREAL 4 BABY!!! 1 player Glorious game of goodness! However it wont be out until 2018 and...BIG however...I am so sad to say... ... over to Unreal 4.... I am so sorry to disappoint you...I would kill myself for my dishonor but I am not a wuss like those Kurita Cowards. The HONEST and truth to it is this: The programming is SO different from CryEngine that none of it would trasfer (AKA they would have to make the entire game from scratch). Whats that? Why not the new CryEngine to upgrade? Oh because its so shit that even that would not transfer over...I am not kidding. Its the full truth. Sucks huh. THE GOOD NEWS is that if they are going to do Mech 5 Mercs in Unreal 4 then half of the work will be done by the time the game comes out which means we might see MWO 2 come out in the years to follow, fingers crossed, Battletech for life.

-Other News: Watch those websites for the New Battletech Game coming out next year (tabletop video game version) and Catalyst Game Labs. They are coming out with new Gear and Minis that are for a LIMITED time and they are SEXY AS FUCKING HELL. So keep your eye on that. Battletech game will be hard to play, will have a NON save mode to the game, will have head shots less likely to happen but still totally possible, piolets CAN AND WILL die however you wont know if they did until the end of the game. Catalyst game labs is currently reworking the rule book to make it easier to read and a new intro pack will be coming out with the STILL amazing price of $50 with another pack that only comes with 2 mechs but is a lot cheaper.

-SWAG: was amazing and is mine so go away you cant have it. :P

I do believe that is all I can remember. It was a blast, I loved it, and I can not wait to move to Vancouvar which might happen sooner than expected! Shout out to Violent Blue and Mech79+wife you really made me love my time there I actually got depressed the full day I got back because how much life could not compare to you 3 and our time together. You really are awesome. Cant wait to meet more of you in the Future!
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by FEK315 Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:52 pm

I wanted to go but just couldn't swing it. Is there one next year?
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