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Code of Conduct

by joe psycho Mon May 16, 2016 4:14 am

The Code of Conduct is simple and focuses on the concepts of honor, respect, and

professionalism. The one thing we are deadly serious about is maintaining our fun and relaxed


#1. Respect your enemy. There will be no trash talking your opposing mechwarrior pilots, there

are plenty of units that trash talk to take care of any of that.

This applies to winning, don’t gloat. If you win act like you have been there before.

Take your loss like a man, poor sportsmanship is for children. A loss is an opportunity to learn

from your mistakes.

#2. Respect your teammates. MWO is a team game, success is heavily reliant on the ability of the

team working together. Demonstrate your experience through the cross hair and through the



Code of Conduct: Explained

In-Game Behavior
In general if your behavior is against Terms of Service, it’s against our Code of Conduct. If it’s not specifically spelled out for you, here is a list of what’s strictly prohibited:
  1. Trash-talk, Raging, and Derisive speech
  2. Racial, Ethnic, Religious, and LGBT slurs
  3. Intentional team killing
  4. Intentional team damage: taking legs, arms, etc.
  5. Hacking / Cheating
Link to ToS:

Behavior Elsewhere

This includes Teamspeak, forums, Reddit, and other places that you represent yourself as a member of CI.
Strictly Prohibited:
  1. Trash-talk, Raging, and Derisive speech
  2. Racial, Ethnic, Religious, and LGBT slurs
  3. Sexual Harassment
  4. Explicit or graphic content
Common-Sense / Know-Your-Audience
Be mindful when discussing the following:
  1. Religion, Politics, Social Issues
  2. International Conflicts
  3. Sex
  4. Drug Use
  5. Dark Humor
Teamspeak Specific
  1. Avatars containing explicit content or considered offensive based on Racial, Ethnic, Religious, and LGBT grounds will be deleted by the mods.
  2. Spamming. If you decide to think it’s funny to spam the Teamspeak, you will be permanently banned. If you’re permanently banned from Teamspeak, you’re banned from CI.
  3. Also worth reading: How to have people not hate you on teamspeak

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