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To all potential recruits, first read our Application Process. It explains the recruitment process and contains an example application.

All sponsor posts, votes, and comments are to be posted in the Orion Nebula.

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Application Process (Read First)

by joe psycho Mon May 16, 2016 4:15 am

So you want to join the Comstar Irregulars, but you're not sure where to start?

Well, you're in luck because this post explains how to apply and the stages of recruitment.

First and foremost, read our Code of Conduct and Manifesto. These are the basic and essential tenets of CI that you must conform and adhere to join and remain a member of CI.

Second, before posting an application connect to our teamspeak and meet with an officer, and drop with our members to get to know us and us to know you.

Third find unit member to sponsor your application. A sponsor will be your advocate to the unit during your application period. Your sponsor is responsible for explaining the basics of CI, and encouraging other members to vote for your application. Easiest way to find a sponsor is to hop onto our teamspeak server, and, you know, actually hang out with us.

TeamSpeak server: Search for the Comstar Irregulars in the channel tree and you'll find us.

Fourth, post an application to the recruitment forum. Here is what your application should contain:

  1. Do you agree to abide by the CI Code of Conduct and Manifesto?
  2. Who is your sponsor?
  3. What is your in-game callsign?
  4. Are you 18+ years of age?
  5. What timezone are you in?
  6. What are your gaming interests?
  7. What past clans/guilds/units have been with?
  8. Do you like tacos?
  9. Tell us a little about yourself.

Fifth, now that you been sponsored and have formally applied, your application will be voted upon in our sponsorship forum, and members will vote for or against you based on your attitude, respect for others, and ability to successfully coordinate as part of a team.

Sixth, once your application has received enough positive votes, you will be offered formal members ship, and if you accept will be given in-game unit invite, full access on the forums, and the right to vote on other applicants to CI.

Please note: any actions, comments via TS/forums/MWO forums/Reddit/etc, game play or interactions within this unit or the community that are counter to our CoC or Manifesto will not be tolerated.

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